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Safe and Effective Wildlife Animal Control in Camden, SC

Have a rat-infested basement? Hearing a troubling noise in your attic? Turn to Watfords Nuisance Wildlife Trapping of Camden in any such situation! We are a professional pest control company specializing in the trapping and removal of various kinds of wildlife, feral animals, and common pests. We serve clients in Camden, SC and the surrounding 100-mile area and we are proud to be able to help them with their animal troubles. We offer safe and cost-effective solutions that provide a long-term effect and preserve the natural wildlife.

Watfords Nuisance Wildlife Trapping of Camden offers:


  • Wildlife trapping and removal services
  • Wildlife prevention service
  • Pest and rodent control services


  • Home repairs of pest and insect damage
  • Dead animal removal, disposal, and odor control
  • Identification, cleaning and sealing of entry points, and nests/lairs


  • Disease and contamination control
  • Removal of flying, crawling, and amphibious animals such as insects, bats, possums, raccoons, snakes, snapping turtles, alligators, and many others

wildlife-trappingWhy hire a wildlife removal service?

Animal Wildlife can be adorable but they should stay in their natural habitat. Their accidental entry into civilization, causes injuries, and life-threatening situations, for both animals and humans and is a serious disease transmission source. Rodents alone spread over 35 known harmful diseases and bring airborne pollutants, hazardous biological waste, and insects such as fleas, ticks, termites, and lice into the home. Smaller animals attract bigger predators as snakes and gators which are dangerous to people. A heavy pest infestation can also severely damage your property and cost you major repairs.

Watfords Nuisance Wildlife Trapping of Camden
Address: , Camden, SC 29020
Phone: (803) 339-8301
Additional phone: (843) 789-9073

How we can help

We provide quick and effective commercial and residential pest control services, including thorough on-site inspections, removal of wildlife and feral animals, biological waste clean-up, checking and cleaning of roofs, gutters, chimneys, and vents. We will also provide the installation and replacement of guards, take preventative measures by sealing of foundations and crawl spaces, and repair damage to the property by pests. We work at competitive rates and we offer spring and fall service contracts during animal breeding seasons. We provide 100% safe, humane, and poison free animal removal!

We operate Mondays through Fridays by appointment and we are available for emergency services. Call us today and we will solve any wildlife problems you have in Camden, SC!

Michelle Sarah
Michelle Sarah
Pest Control is the only way to go for pest control services. They're fast, efficient and really know their stuff. Highly recommend them for any pest control needs.
Avery Brown
Avery Brown
After becoming completely annoyed and frustrated with squirrels running through the coffers of my home and the inability of another local vendor to get rid of them, I found Watford's Nuisance Wildlife Trapping on the internet and decided to contact them. Tony came by and strategically addressed the issue over a period of a few weeks. I'm happy to say I don't hear any more squirrels and my home is peaceful again. If you need nuisance wildlife removal, don't waste your time with anyone else. Tony delivers, and I am a very satisfied customer!


Great Services!

I had a skunk in my yard and I simply had no idea how to get rid of it. A friend recommended you and I’m impressed with the quick and efficient manner in which you removed the animal. I would definitely recommend you to anyone with similar problems!

Watfords Nuisance Wildlife Trapping of Camden
Address: , Camden, SC 29020
Phone: (803) 339-8301
Additional phone: (843) 789-9073

  • Wildlife Trapping & Removal
  • Wildlife Prevention
  • Pest & Rodent Control
  • Pest Damage Home Repairs
  • Dead Animal Removal & Odor Control
  • Entry Points Identification, Cleaning & Sealing
  • Disease & Contamination Control
  • Insects, Bats, Possums & Raccoons
  • Snakes, Turtles, Alligators & More
  • Seasonal Inspection Contracts
  • Residential & Commercial

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