What Damage Can Raccoons Cause?

A Wildlife Removal Service: Why Should Raccoon Be Removed?

If you spot a raccoon in your property, you have a huge problem. Why? That’s because they are very sloppy and destructive by nature. One thing is for sure, they don’t make the best pets. They can simply destroy everything in your house. This is why you should hire a reputable wildlife removal service provider with the relevant specialization and expertise. Perhaps it will be useful for you to know what troubles they can cause:

  • Holes in your walls. Absolutely. They love to chew some things. In order to build their dream warm den, they are ready to drill a hole into your home’s walls to feel protected and safe. Remember, this is no fun. As soon as you notice any suspicious holes in air ducts, insulation, as well as gnawed pipes, and wires, call a licensed company to deal with this issue in an appropriate manner.

  • Messy trash. Raccoons are very adaptive wild animals. They can feed on anything you dispose to the garbage containers in your driveway. If you see clutter and many messy bags full of trash and various food leftovers, your home has been under the attack of this unpleasant animal.

  • Look at your attic. If you have any doubts for the presence of this furry creature, go upstairs and inspect your attic. Do you see any signs of urine and feces? Basically, they use attics as a giant weatherproof den. The problem even gets worse if their quantity is significant. That means that there are probably babies. And this will cause serious health issues for your household. Raccoons’ droppings contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Get rid of them immediately by hiring the right specialists.

  • Inspect your roof. They may look like cute fluffy little creatures but the damage they can do to your roof may exceed your expectations. They often use roofs to access homes and more specifically, attics. They can chew your shingles, as well as soffits and fascia boards.

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