How to Eliminate Cockroaches for Good

5 Ways for Successful Residential Pest Control Against Roaches

Once cockroaches make themselves comfortable in your home, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of them. One thing is for sure: they do not belong there. If you want to kick them out for good, here are some tips from a professional residential pest control company:

  • Make them starve. Like almost all living creatures, cockroaches need food and water to survive. They are known to feed on all kinds of food leftovers, crumbs, etc. All sorts of spills over your floors are a like a paradise for them. They are not capricious and can eat everything we feed with. So, the first prevention measure you have to take is to keep your house, and especially kitchen as clean as possible. Find out all water leaks and call a professional plumber to fix them. Sweep and mop your floors on a regular basis and empty your garbage bins every day.

  • Use cockroach baits. This is using a gel that contains poison, slowly killing their entire population. It should smell tasty to attract them, so they can bring it to their nests. The baits must be placed in areas you know they go often, like under cabinets, refrigerator, in the kitchen sink, or around your trash can.

  • Use roaches spray. Insecticide sprays can be an effective option for eliminating these disgusting pests. If you use a simple mixture of soap and water, you can win the combat. Additionally, you can buy good products from the local store. Remember, you have to keep away from your children and pets.

  • Use cockroach traps. This is another prevention measure that will remove them from your home. Place them under or near furniture you have seen them. However, this method will kill only individual insects and not the entire nest. Furthermore, you can use water jars and put them next to a wall. This way a roach will get in but won’t get out.

  • Hire an expert pest control service. This is the best you can do to protect yourself and your family from these unpleasant and unhealthy pests, as well as avoid a future re-infestation. They will come quickly, make an investigation about cockroaches’ nests, and apply hte latest methods and techniques to get rid of them forever.

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