Fed up with Your Vegetable Patch Being Eaten by Squirrels?

Traps for Squirrels by Wildlife Removal Specialists

Even though squirrels are considered cute, can be somewhat of a nuisance when they begin to take over your garden. Squirrels are infamous for stealing food like tomatoes, pecans, sweet corn, walnuts, and any freshly planted seeds. They can eat also your exterior siding and destroy the wiring on it. The sounds too of squirrels scampering around your attic can quickly get annoying. Fortunately, it is possible to humanely capture these pests and relocate them using

wildlife trapping


You can buy a live squirrel trap from your local farm or garden supply center. They are generally made using wire mesh and come with a spring-loaded door. These traps are also available online. If you are unable to find a trap specifically for squirrels, a rabbit or rodent one will suffice. Try to find the squirrel’s main food source. This will help you place your squirrel trap. For instance, when squirrels are stealing your corn, place the trap close to the corn stalks. Setting multiple traps will greatly improve your chances of capturing them.

Capturing the squirrel’s attention by baiting your trap using the same food they eat on a regular basis. You could get better results using peanut butter or walnut meats. Put the bait in the rear of your trap so the squirrel has to go all the way to the back to get it. Leave the baited trap for around a week. This will allow the squirrel to get used to it being there.

After you see the animal entering the trap on a regular basis, now is the time to set the spring. Replace the bait and then set the trap. Check the trap

every day

to see if you have caught the squirrel. If you have caught one, make sure you release it as far away from your property as you can.

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wildlife removal

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